Meet Brooke

Name Brooke Sophia Wilson.   Occupation I work as an assistant nurse, have done for just reaching 5 years now. Im one of the lucky ones that loves their job! I also run my own blog on the side.   Story I moved from a small semi rural town in the blue mountains 4 years ago and I absolutely could not imagine being anywhere else now. Wollongong is my home. I come from a very active family but Health and fitness was not always my top priority, if anything it was my last but 2 years ago I was in a really low place and decided I would turn my life around and life has been better since. Putting...

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Meet Mel

Name: Melangeli Stott Occupation Skin and Laser Therapist Tell us your story: I have a very busy life, I juggle working full time, university, singing at gigs and events whilst trying to fit in a social life. Training helps to keep me motivated and its a part of my day where I can enjoy some me time. My fitness journey started when I began crossfit a few years ago, I was self conscious about my weight and wanted to gain more muscle. The training really challenged me and made me feel more confident and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. Ive never felt more confident and happy since I’ve started training. How often do you train: Because of...

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Meet Terez

  Name Terez Lofts Occupation  Maritime Logistics Supply Chain in the Royal Australian Navy   Story  I've always been quite sporty and athletic from a young age and played cricket and netball religiously, but when I hit the age of 18 I stopped playing sport and was more interested in the clubbing scene and put on a significant amount of weight. I let myself down and put my health and fitness last. After some time, I decided that I needed some discipline in my life and had always wanted to join the Defence Force, so I employed a personal trainer - lost some weight and was finally able to enlist. Since joining 5 years ago, I have lost a total...

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Meet Phoebe

  Meet Phoebe S/A Ambassador  Phoebe Louise Leayr Services Officer at Department of Human Services & Stable hand at a horse stable.   Phoebe's Story “I started training weights properly in a gym when I was around 18, my main goal has also just to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy all types of fitness whether it be in the gym, riding my horses, training pole fitness, aerials, yoga – you name it I’m willing to give it ago.”   How Often do you train? “4-6 days per week (weights 4-5 days, yoga and horse riding)”   Why do you train?   “I  love the feeling of feeling strong and fit – I’m addicted to the post workout...

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