Meet Brooke


Brooke Sophia Wilson.



I work as an assistant nurse, have done for just reaching 5 years now. Im one of the lucky ones that loves their job! I also run my own blog on the side.



I moved from a small semi rural town in the blue mountains 4 years ago and I absolutely could not imagine being anywhere else now. Wollongong is my home. I come from a very active family but Health and fitness was not always my top priority, if anything it was my last but 2 years ago I was in a really low place and decided I would turn my life around and life has been better since. Putting myself, my body and my health first is my up most priority now.


How often do you train?

I try to train everyday but let’s be honest it doesn’t happen as frequently as it should. I just try to be active everyday (eg walking)


Why do you train?

At first it was externally to lose weight but now it’s to more maintain and to help me feel better internally.


What's your fav type of training?

Legs, legs and more legs.


Fave fit meal

I’m so boring, I could eat the same meal everyday and not get bored but I do love my fruit. Anything like fruity yoghurt etc I’m down for it.


Fave cheat

Kfc always and forever.



What's your definition of "fitness" or "fit"

Someone who cares for their body, someone who makes sure they do what’s best for their body and works hard to understand why that’s important.


Any health, fitness or wellness tips

Just do it. Just get it done. If you say you’ll start tomorrow, tomorrow will never come. You need to switch your brain from I need to I want.


What do you wish you knew as a beginner?

Things do get easier and it’s worth every cent. At first sticking to a routine, eating the right thing or even that feeling after the gym can make you question wether it’s worth it but things do get easier. You’ll never regret a workout but you’ll always regret not doing it.


What do you love about Skye Active?

Skye active ability to make me feel comfortable in gym wear. How it covers me in places that I usually have a hard time to cover when it comes to full length tights and makes me feel so great about my body. Plus I look cute in the patterns come on.


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