Meet Mel

Name: Melangeli Stott

Occupation Skin and Laser Therapist

Tell us your story:

I have a very busy life, I juggle working full time, university, singing at gigs and events whilst trying to fit in a social life. Training helps to keep me motivated and its a part of my day where I can enjoy some me time. My fitness journey started when I began crossfit a few years ago, I was self conscious about my weight and wanted to gain more muscle. The training really challenged me and made me feel more confident and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. Ive never felt more confident and happy since I’ve started training.

How often do you train: Because of my busy lifestyle I train 3-4 times a week and when I can I like to train 5 days a week, even if it means doing a quick home workout in the morning. I also do jujitsu with my partner once a week.

Why do you train: It makes me feel confident, strong and motivated. I love the feeling of hitting PBs and seeing results from hard work!

Fav type of training: Weight training, I love a workout with heavy sets and deadlifts

Fave fit meal: Oven baked salmon, potatoes and steamed vegetables yum!

Tips: don’t ever compare yourself to others, set goals based on what’s going to make you happy and feel good! Step out of your comfort zone and try things that are challenging! You’ll feel amazing when you achieve something you never though you could, no matter how small it is.

Definition of fit: Healthy, happy and active

Wish I knew as a beginner: Take your time to learn and practice technique, it is more important than hitting PB’s

Love sky active: I love the simple yet stylish design and the material is amazing! The high-waisted sets are my favourite.


Fave workout Booty!
Kettlebell Complex
3 rounds
6 rack walking lunges 6 good mornings
6 rack walking lunges 6 glute bridge hold
2 min rest between sets
Banded Barbel Hip Thrusts
3 rounds, Drop set 8,10,12 (start heavy and decrease weights as reps increase)
2 min rest between sets

TABATA (45 seconds on 20 seconds off)
1. Banded crab walks
2. Dumbbell wall sit
3. Alternating jumping lunges

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