Meet Phoebe


Meet Phoebe S/A Ambassador 

Phoebe Louise Leayr

Services Officer at Department of Human Services & Stable hand at a horse stable.


Phoebe's Story

“I started training weights properly in a gym when I was around 18, my main goal has also just to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy all types of fitness whether it be in the gym, riding my horses, training pole fitness, aerials, yoga – you name it I’m willing to give it ago.”


How Often do you train?

“4-6 days per week (weights 4-5 days, yoga and horse riding)”


Why do you train?  

“I  love the feeling of feeling strong and fit – I’m addicted to the post workout feeling!”



What’s your fave type of training  

“Weight training, especially glute/leg day”


 Fave fit meal  

“I can’t beat a baked dinner – simple baked meat and veg!”


Fave cheat meal

“Italian – All the pizza, pasta and fresh bread!”


 Health, fitness, wellness tip 

“Don’t over complicate or waste money on unnecessary things, you don’t need things such as ‘fat burners’ to lose weight. Prioritise your sleep, consistent nutrition and following a training plan that’s individual for you. Rather than wasting your money trying for quick fixes spend the money investing on a coach that teaches you how to do the three basic things well.”

Tips For beginners

“Find a type of exercise that you enjoy, you don’t have to do the fad just because that’s what other people do. If you find something you enjoy you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more and it won’t seem like a chore!”

What do you love about Skye Active?

“The comfort is next level!”


Your Fave workout?

 A1) Sumo Deadlifts – 5 x 8 reps –Tempo @ 3010

      30 seconds rest

A2) Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 5 x 8 reps– Tempo @ 3010

      30 seconds rest

A3) Swiss Ball Leg Curls 5 x 16 reps – Tempo @ 3010

      120 seconds rest


B1) Hip Thrust – 4 x 8 reps – Tempo @3010

      30 seconds rest

B2) 45 Degree Back Extension – 4 x 12 reps – Tempo @ 3010

      30 seconds rest

B3) Frogs Pumps 4 x 16 reps – Tempo 3010

     120 seconds rest



Enjoy xx




Disclaimer - 


Skye Active will not be held accountable for any physical strain or injury, Always Consult with your medical/health care practitioner prior to commencing any physical activity.This blog was not created by medical professionals, so should be viewed and treated as motivational content for educational purposes rather than fact or a list of strict rules. Skye Active should not be held liable for the interpretation or use of the information. Individuals can participate in the blog workouts at their own risk these are purely based on personal preference and are not advice from an expert. Skye Active is not liable or responsible for any injuries, claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising from this.

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