Meet Tabby

Meet Tabby S/A Ambassador 

Tabitha Hudson

Full Time Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach



Tabby's Story

"I have been in the health and fitness industry for over five years. I started my certificate three and four in fitness during my HSC and I started personal training as soon as I graduated. I’ve been living in Wollongong for three years and I love to call this area my home.I’m extremely passionate about weight training, nutrition and helping females achieve their desired bodies and transform their lives from the inside out. I started weight training when I was 13 with the goal to get in shape and I have learnt so much along that journey that I love sharing with others. I have experience with bodybuilding and bikini competition and that is an experience that I will treasure for ever as you realise how challenging it actually is. I have also recently just launched my personal training business body transformation by tabs and I’m super excited to share this journey with everyone!."

How often do you train?

"I train consistently 5 to 6 days a week, I am slightly addicted to training so some week I can be in there every day."


What’s your favourite type of training?

"My favourite type of weight training is resistance training, and definitely training glutes and legs as that makes me feel so strong!?"

Favourite fit meal?

"Grilled chicken breast oven baked sweet potato fries, with a side of steamed veggies Or smoothie bowls with extra peanut butter please!"


Favourite cheat meal?

"Fried chicken burgers."


Health fitness wellness advice for others?

"It sounds cliche but aim for balance in all areas of your life. I have done the whole bodybuilding comp prepping, not allowing myself to eat out with family and avoiding functions and this affected my mental health not to say that if you like to come prep that you shouldn’t do so, each to their own! But I think the best place to be for overall wellness is one where you can enjoy every aspect of your life guilt free."

Advice for beginners?

"I am for consistency not perfection. I see way too many people beating themselves up thinking that they aren’t doing enough, but one thing done right and consistent beats doing 1 million things ineffectively and inconsistently! Just try to be a little bit better every day and don’t stop moving forward."

What do you love about Skye Active?

"I love that Skye Active gear is one of the most comfortable fitness gear I've worn, that really fits my body shape well! When we did our photo shoot I was doing a All different types of full body exercises and the crops were super supportive as well, the tights are flattering to my shape especially the scrunch bum tights! Jessica’s designs are extremely unique and that’s why I love them. I also love Skye Active because it is a local brand and there’s nothing better than supporting local businesses and helping them thrive!"

Favourite/Go To Workout?

- Barbell hip thrust 4 x 20, 10, 8, 6 increase weight each set

- Sumo deadlifts 4 x 10,10,10,10

- Increase weight each set

- Split squats 3 x 15 superset with

- Weighted Glute bridges 3 x 20

- Seated machine or banded hip abductions 3 x 30 superset with

- Frog pumps 3 x 30

- Alternating Side lunge 2 x 30 reps


Enjoy xxx



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