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Terez Lofts

Maritime Logistics Supply Chain in the Royal Australian Navy
I've always been quite sporty and athletic from a young age and played cricket and netball religiously, but when I hit the age of 18 I stopped playing sport and was more interested in the clubbing scene and put on a significant amount of weight. I let myself down and put my health and fitness last. After some time, I decided that I needed some discipline in my life and had always wanted to join the Defence Force, so I employed a personal trainer - lost some weight and was finally able to enlist. Since joining 5 years ago, I have lost a total of 17 kilos and am constantly learning and improving every single day. I successfully completed a diploma in Raw Nutrition and am currently studying a Mindful Nutrition Diploma to learn more about the connection between food and the brain. I want all women to know that its okay to start somewhere - no matter what shape, weight or size!
How often do you train?
I usually train 3 - 5 times a week in the mornings and then 5-7 times in the afternoons with sport on the weekends. Slightly addicted!
Why do you train?
I never want to go back to the way I looked or felt, I was very miserable and hated my body. I want to be as healthy and as fit as I can be so I have a good future. I also train a lot for my mental health as well - to make sure all those endorphins get released throughout my body!
What's your fav type of training 
I LOVE a mix of circuit/HIIT/crossfit training. I also love yoga and swimming for active recovery. 
Fave fit meal 
A clean mexican bowl
Fave cheat 
Lasagne for sure!
What's your definition of "fitness" or "fit"
Being as strong, healthy and cardiovascular advanced as your body can be
Any health, fitness or wellness tips 
Don't fall for the FADS that go around. Don't compare yourself to anyone else either. Its simple - eat well and exercise. There is no magic pill. You didn't put your weight on in one day so you won't lose it in a day either
What do you wish you knew as a beginner
Not to cut everything out cold turkey and it's actually okay to eat chocolate or carbs etc (just in moderation)
What do you love about Skye Active
The fact that they are SO supportive of the average sized girl and cater for all sizes and types of bodies.
Go to work out
At the gym
21-15-9-15-21 reps
Calorie row
Bicep curl
Shoulder press
Push ups
KB swings 
At home
Exercise 1 - 7 minutes
5 x Push ups
10 x Squats
15 x Sit ups
20 x Toe taps
25 Tricep dips
2 min rest
Exercise 2 - 7 minutes
5 x Burpees
10 x Lunges
15 x Hip thrusters
20 x Supermans
25 x Crunches
2 min rest
Repeat exercise 1 - 7 minutes
2 min rest
Repeat exercise 2 - 7 minutes
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